Item Code: #86090
Title: Heroes of Battle
Type: Accessory
Author: David Noonan, Will McDermott, Stephen Schubert
Published: 2005
Format: 160-page perfect-bound hardback book
Prepare for War

Great conflicts erupt between rival nations and threaten to sweep across entire continents. As armies clash in epic battles, the actions of a handful of bold heroes can turn the tide of war. Whether in the thick of combat or on a secret mission of dire importance, brave champions have an impact that echoes across the battlefield and resounds through the ages.

This supplement for the D&D game reveals the pivotal roles characters can play in the midst of great battles. With rules and options for creating or playing adventures on and around battlefields. Heroes of Battle plunges characters into wartime situations and challenges them with climactic battles of epic proportions.

To use this supplement, a Dungeon Master also
needs the Player's Handbook and Dungeon Master's Guide.
A player needs only the Player's Handbook.

This accessory was originally solicited under the title Battlefield Adventures.

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