Item Code: #11951
Title: Adventure Game
Type: Core Rules
Author: Johnathan Tweet, Jason Carl, Andy Collins, and David Noonan
Published: 2000
Format: 48-page book, 32-page book, 6 2-page character data sheets, 2 2-page accessory sheets, fold-out map, 2 cardstock sheets of counters (89 total), "Read This First!" insert, 6 dice in mini-ziploc bag
Enter the world of adventure!

There's something moving behind that door...

Perhaps it's a vicious ogre waiting to tear you limb from limb.
Or a horde of zombies thirsting for blood.
Or maybe a terrifying dragon ready to engulf
you in a maelstrom of fire.

Nope. Not for you.
You're a hero -

a powerful wizard, a strong fighter, or a sneaky rogue.
You can handle whatever comes
at you in this introduction to the greatest fantasy
game of all time.

Everything you need
to start playing is right here.

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