Item Code: #88155
Title: Dice
Type: Accessory
Published: 2004
Format: 10 plastic polyhedral dice in sealed bag, cloth dice bag, instruction sheet
Your Fate Is in Your Hands...

Pick up your dice, grab your D&D Player's Handbook, and embark on daring adventures. This accessory for the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS roleplaying game will help you decide your fate as you battle fearsome monsters, explore ancient ruins, and discover magnificent treasure.

Contains a complete set of dice for use in the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game:

  • One 4-sided die
  • Four 6-sided dice
  • One 8-sided die
  • One 10-sided die
  • One percentile die
  • One 12-sided die
  • One 20-sided die

Also includes a cloth dice bag embroidered with the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS logo.

To use this accessory, you'll also need the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Player's Handbook.

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