Item Code: #88596
Title: Deluxe Dungeon Master's Screen
Type: Accessory
Author: Christopher Perkins and Ed Stark
Published: 2004
Format: 2 4-panel cardstock screens, cover
Keep Your Plans Secret and Your Game Moving

Behind this sturdy four-panel screen, you control all that takes place in the fantasy realms of your DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game. Featuring stunning new art, this invaluable game aid helps you guard your notes, die rolls, miniatures, and other surprises from your players' eyes. The new landscape format makes it easier for you to see the game in front of your screen while maximizing the space you have behind it.

Also included is a bonus four-panel screen geared toward the action-packed world of your d20 MODERN campaign. Because both screens fully support the d20 System, they can be used seperately or together by an experienced Dungeon Master or Gamemaster.

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