Item Code: #96289
Title: Dragons II
Type: Accessory
Published: 2002
Format: 5 metal miniatures in mini-ziploc bags, 5 plastic bases, 5 cardstock statistic cards, 4-page booklet

This boxed set contains five draconic creatures ready for epic battle. The perfect beginning - or addition - to your collection, these miniatures will add depth of play to any D&D game and are usable in the Chainmail miniatures game as well. Sculpted by the finest artists in the industry and hand-cast in lead-free pewter, they are equally at home on your gaming table or in your display case.

Miniatures include:
Spitting Felldrake
Very Young Brass Dragon
Half-Dragon Mage
2 Crested Felldrakes

Miniatures supplied unpainted; some assembly required.

Also contains OP-legal statistic cards
for Chainmail League play.

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