Item Code: #96581
Title: Miniatures Entry Pack
Type: Accessory
Published: 2003
Format: 38-page booklet, fold-out map/accesory sheet, 8 cardstock map tiles, checklist sheet, summary sheet, carstock counter sheet (20 counters total), survery card, 2-sided die, 16 random individually sealed pre-painted miniatures, 16 sealed statistics cards

Choose a battlefield and prepare to fight for it. Whether you lead the ragtag outfit rallied inside this Entry Pack, assemble a handpicked force, or amass a grand army, these adventurous characters, taken straight from the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS rulebooks, are ready for battle - right out of the box.

Roll for initiative.

Each DUNGEONS & DRAGOND Miniatures Entry Pack contain 16 random, plastic, fully assembled, hand-painted collectible miniatures complete with double-sided statistic cards for use with the D&D roleplaying game, a fold-out battle grid, damage counters, 8 terrain tiles, a d20 die, and a 40-page rulebook for fast, head-to-head miniatures combat.

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