Item Code: #950037400
Title: Fantastic Locations: Fane of the Drow
Type: Accessory
Author: Gwendolyn F.M. Kestrel
Published: 2005
Format: 16-page book, 2 fold-out maps, cardboard backer, cover
Battle Through

Deep beneath the earth, stoic dwarves spent years laboring to trace and extract precious veins of mithral ore. But now they face the depredations of an ancient and terrible foe - cruel dark elf raiders. To aid the dwarves, a group of daring adventurers must fight through the most dangerous regions of the mithral mines and into the lair of the dreaded drow.

Fane of the Drow
is the first in the new FANTASTIC LOCATIONS series of products. It contains two beautifully illustrated, double-sided battle maps scaled for DUNGEONS & DRAGONS play, as well as an encounter booklet. The battle maps feature fantastic terrain designed to create large, fluid encounters, these maps generate the epic struggles that campaign memories are made of.

The maps also make ideal battlegrounds for D&D Miniatures Game play. Build your warband and fight for control for the Mithral Mines, Queen Peregrine's Tomb, or the dreaded Fane of Lolth. The encounter booklet includes both roleplaying game encounters and miniatures game options for use with the four battle maps.

To use this accessory, a Dungeon Master also needs the Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, Monster Manual, and Dungeon & Dragons Miniatures.

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