Item Code: #953647400
Title: Fantastic Locations: Fields of Ruin
Type: Accessory
Author: Richard Pett
Published: 2006
Format: 16-page book with cover, 2 fold-out maps, cardboard backer

The Kings Road cuts across fields where great battles once raged - fields littered with bones, shattered weapons, the wreckage of mighty siege engines. Follow the road to the sundered gates of the Keep of Fallen Kings, a great ruin wherein lies the fabled Earthcrown. But be warned! The keep has attracted its share of monsters and treasure hunters over the years, and rumors of a fiendish dungeon beneath the keep have lured many adventurers to their doom.

The Fanastic Locations: Fields of Ruin
accessory contains two beautifully illustrated, double-sided battle maps scaled for DUNGEONS & DRAGONS play. The battle maps feature fantastic terrain designed to create large, fluid encounters, key scenes, and exciting game sessions. Rather than simple dungeon encounters, these maps generate the epic struggles that campaign memories are made of.

Three of the maps also make ideal battlegrounds for D&D Miniatures Game play. Build your warband and fight for control of the Kings Road, the Keep of Fallen Kings, or the dreaded Dungeon of Blood. A 16-page encounter booklet includes both roleplaying game encounters and skirmish game options for use with the four battle maps.

For use with these DUNGEONS & DRAGONS products
Player's Handbook Dungeon Master's Guide Monster Manual
DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Miniatures Game

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