Item Code: #21751
Title: The Making of Dungeons & Dragons: The Movie
Author: John Baxter
Published: 2000
Format: 128-page perfect-bound book
Now, learn the behind-the-scenes story of this long-awaited fantasy epic in The Making of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS The Movie.

Read interviews with the people who finally brought the world's greatest role-playing game to the big screen.

Discover the origins of the film's masterfully evil villain and bold heroes.

Follow the film's special-effects masters as they bring fire-breathing dragons to life.

Learn the trials and triumphs of the film shoot in the ancient city of Prague.

The Making of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: The Movie is a magical carpet ride that will thrill and entertain everyone, from master players who have loved the D&D game for two decades to strangers in these fantastic worlds. Bring your imagination and enjoy the show!

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