Item Code: #88648
Title: Map Folio I
Type: Accessory
Author: Robert Lazzaretti and Todd Gamble
Published: 2004
Format: 32 single sheets w/cardstock cover
Locate Your Next Adventure

Explore mysterious towers, foreboding temples, hidden coves, treacherous dungeons, and other intriguing locations with the aid of the thirty-two full-color maps tucked inside this protective pocket folder. Whether you use them as inspiration for creating new adventures, for handy reference during your game, or as detailed handouts to capture your players' imagination, each map offers the promise of adventure, the threat of danger, and the allure of reward.
Originally developed for the Map-a-Week feature on the official D&D website, these maps are the first in a new series of materials created to help you add flavor and functionality to your D&D game.

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