Item Code: #11639
Title: Dungeon Master Screen
Type: Accessory
Published: 2000
Format: 8-page book, quad-fold cardstock screen, cover
The Ideal Dungeon
Master's Aid

If your a Dungeon Master for the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game, or if you plan to be, this package is designed just for you.

Inside is a four-panel cardboard screen filled with table from the Player's Handbook that you'll want to reference often, plus a couple of tables created especially for the screen. When you put the screen up in front of you, players won't be able to see your game notes, and you can make die rolls without showing everyone else the results. What players will see is a striking piece of artwork that will put them in the mood for adventuring.

You also get an eight-page booklet that includes more tables, plus some diagrams from the Dungeon Master's Guide, a Combat Planner form to help you run combat encounters smoothly, and a page lined with one-inch squares that you can photocopy and use with miniature figures.

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