Item Code: #PZO1000
Title: The Shackled City
Type: Adventure
For: 1st - 20th level characters
Author: Jesse Decker, James Jacobs, Tito Leati, David Noonan, Christopher Perkins, Chris Thomasson
Published: 2005
Format: 416-page perfect-bound hardback book, 24-page book, fold-out map

VIL SCHEMES ARE AFOOT IN CAULDRON, a metropolis of merchants built into the caldera of a long-dormant volcano. Driven by the dreams of an insane demon prince, bizarre cultists known as the Cagewrights scheme from ancient tunnels beneath the volcano, stoking it once more to terrible life. To prevent their agenda, your band of adventurers must brave haunted jungle ruins, slay mighty dragons, and bind themselves to a layer of the infinite Abyss. Will their swords and spells be enough to save the Shackled City?

Originally published as 11 linked adventures in the award-winning DUNGEON magazine, the Shackled City Adventure Path is the most ambitious official DUNGEONS & DRAGONS campaign ever created. Now, for the first time ever, everything you need to play the campaign has been compiled into a deluxe 416-page full-color hardcover that also includes an 8-panel fully detailed map of the City of Cauldron, a 24-page full-color map booklet, and a brand new Shackled City adventure written by fan favorite author Christopher Perkins.

To use this Adventure Path, a Dungeon Master also needs the Player's Handbook and Dungeon Master's Guide published by Wizards of the Coast.

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