11836 Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting
17665 Unapproachable East
17738 Lost Empires of Faerūn
17872 Champions of Ruin
17929 Shining South
88162 City of Splendors: Waterdeep
88578 Races of Faerūn
88581 Underdark
88643 Faiths and Pantheons
88647 Player's Guide to Faerūn
953667200 Power of Faerūn
96566 Serpent Kingdoms
882927200 Champions of Valor
9537172 Mysteries of the Moonsea
Boxed Sets
88433 City of the Spider Queen Miniatures
11832 Monster Compendium: Monsters of Faerūn
11964 Magic of Faerūn
11989 Lords of Darkness
88567 Silver Marches

88686 Dungeon Master's Screen
11634 Into the Dragon's Lair
11710 Pool of Radiance: Attack on Myth Drannor
88574 City of the Spider Queen
884467400 Sons of Gruumsh

LGR1 Extermination
LGR2 Gray Hunt
LGR3 Key to Phantoms' Cloister
LGR4 Secret of Phantoms' Cloister
LGR5 Dark Exodus
LGR6 Epidemic
LGR7 Nurture and Nature
LGR8 Rat's Bastard
LGR9 Denial of Resource
LGR11 Humility
LGR12 Tyranny
LGR13 Book Knowledge
LGR16 In Cold Blood
LGR18 Feast on the Moon
LGR19 Difference of Option
LGR20 The Howling of a Mighty Storm
XGR1 Under High Lord's Hall
XGR2 Dungeon of the Hark
XGR3 Undermountain
XGR4 Ruins of Karse

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