Item Code: #2808
Title: Campaign Kit
Type: Accessory
Author: David Eckelberry
Published: 1998
Format: 32-page book, four-panel cardstock screen, cover
An essential reference for both players and Gamemasters of the ALTERNITY game, the Campaign Kit features a four-panel screen that contains the most important tables and game information. It also includes a 32-page booklet of record-keeping aids:

  • Character Sheets are specialized for each profession, including the various combinations of Diplomats and secondary professions. Mindwalker, mutant, and cybertech options are included.
  • Supporting Cast Forms allow the Gamemaster to quickly and efficiently keep track of the friends and foes of the heroes.
  • Ship Diagrams allow players and Gamemasters to keep track of the systems, cargo, and durability of space vessels.

    The Ship Log details the many ports of call that heroes are bound to visit as they explore the galaxy.
  • The Hero Roster allows the Gamemaster to keep track of important hero skills, Ability Scores, durability ratings, contacts, and other campaign information.
This accessory is fully compatible with the STAR*DRIVE campaign setting, or usable with any homemade science fiction campaign.

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