Item Code: #2802
Title: Star*Drive Campaign Setting
Type: Accessory
Author: David Eckelberry and Richard Baker
Published: 1998
Format: 256-page perfect-bound hardback book
It's the dawn of the 26th century. Humankind stands on the threshold of greatness and the brink of destruction. Which way will the scales tip?

The STAR*DRIVE campaign setting, designed for use with the ALTERNITY science fiction roleplaying game, brings to life the world of the future. Humanity has colonized thousand of planets - but ambitious nations contend or prime sectors of real estate. At the edge of space is the Verge, where oppurtunities await those smart enough and ruthless enough to take advantage of them.

This book presents a game universe for heroes to conquer, investigate, and explore. Scheme with operatives of VoidCorp, fight against Thuldan Legions, and uncover the mysteries of the frontier. Visit a dozen fully described worlds, and learn of powerful interstellar empires. Pilor a starship into uncharted territory, make a smuggling run to an occupies star system, contact a new alien species, and bring galactic criminals to justice.

This book contains everything a Gamemaster needs to design and play adventures in the STAR*DRIVE universe:

  • An overview of the "future history" of humanity, beginning with our first tentative steps toward the stars and culminating in the cataclysmic Second Galactic War.
  • The world of 2501: The state of the galaxy in all aspects of human society - medicine, religion, cybertechnology, robotics, the Grid, and more.
  • Descriptions of 13 stelar nations of Old Space - the civilizations that survived the last war and threaten to touch off the next one.
  • A detailed look at the Verge, the mixture of settled worlds and unclaimed space where the pioneers of the 26th century will prove themselves to be true heroes... or die trying.
  • A Hero Creation chapter filled with tips how to make heroic adventurers in the STAR*DRIVE setting.
Dark... gritty... wondrous and wild:

Science fiction with attitude.

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