Item Code: #11319
Title: Starships
Type: Accessory
Author: David Eckelberry
Published: 1999
Format: 96-page perfect-bound book

Ask not "Where can I go?" but "How do I get there?" Plunge into the depths of a wormhole? Fold space at your whim? Or close your eyes in cryogenic slumber as you cross the galaxy? The possibilities are here.

Create detailed starships, improve your hero's skills, and enjoy new methods of explosive battle with the ALTERNITY game rules for starships, faster-than-light travel, space tactics, boarding, and starship combat.

Inside this 96-page book you'll find:

  • Rules on starship design, including many ship systems never seen before.
  • New material that integrates heroes into starship combat and keeps everyone involved.
  • Starship combat rules, including information on how to run three-dimensional combat.
  • New means of FTL travel, including hyperspace, jumpgates, spacefolding, and more.
  • Rules for the construction of starships and the use of starports.
  • Eighteen predesigned starships, complete with deck plans, ready for use in your campaign.

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