Item Code: #9366 (ALQ1)
Title: Golden Voyages
Type: Adventure
Author: David "Zeb" Cook
Published: 1992
Format: 32-page book, 5 16-page books, tri-fold cardstock screen, 4 loose five-hole punched Monstrous Compendium sheets, fold-out map
Who among you dares
to challenge the high seas?

Inspired by the tales of Sinbad, Golden Voyages provides the source material and adventures needed to run a mini-campaign on the Crowded Sea. Detailed backgrounds, perilous locations, and wondrous NPCs populate the enchanted seas. Player characters will discover wildly different adventures as they sail from place to place.

Golden Voyages includes: six booklets filled with mini-adventures, an overall framing adventure, expanded rules on ships and sailing, details and background concerning topography, tribes, and new locations, and plenty of maps and player handouts; Monstrous Compendium pages detailing new monsters; a custom DM screen for use in all AL-QADIM games; and a poster map of the Crowded Sea.

Recommended for use with the Arabian Adventures rulebook.

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