Item Code: #9432 (ALQ3)
Title: A Dozen and One Adventures
Type: Adventure
Author: Steven Kurtz
Published: 1993
Format: 64-page book, 32-page book, 6 cardstock accessory sheets, 4 loose five-hole punched Monstrous Compendium pages, fold-out map
High Adventure is Your Companion
Throughout the Land of Fate!

There is no escaping Fate in the world of Zakhara, home of caliphs and favored land of the genies. And the Fate of brave adventurers is to travel the wide realms, vanquishing the unrighteous and protecting the meek.
A Dozen and One Adventures leads the characters from bustling Muluk, City of Kings, to the mysterious citadel of flame, and many points between. They may meet the king who never died, the fish-people of the Great Sea, and other wonder too amazing to mention.
This adventure sourcebox contains a 64-page booklet of 13 adventures, a 32-page campaign guide describing Muluk, the northern lands, and several new magical items, a poster map of Muluk and Krak al-Niraan, six map cards, and four MC insert pages featuring NPCs.

Recommended for use with the Arabian Adventures rulebook.

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