Item Code: #3140
Title: Blood Spawn: Creatures of Light and Shadow
Type: Accessory
Author: Carrie A. Bebris
Published: 2000
Format: 83-page PDF file, JPEG cover file
Blood Spawn: Creatures of Light and Shadow is a collection of monsters and adventures for the BIRTHRIGHT campaign setting. Far more than just a MONSTROUS COMPENDIUM volume, Blood Spawn is two accessories in one:
  • The creature listings offer more than a dozen new monsters designed specifically for the BIRTHRIGHT world. Some of these denizens haunt the Shadow World, other populate the waking world of Cerilia - and a few have infiltrated both realms.
  • The adventures provide a means of introducing these new creatures into your campaign. Each scenario features monsters from this book. By completing these scenarios, player characters have the opportunity to gain experience in the Shadow World and learn to penetrate its illusions.

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