Item Code: #9368 (PC4)
Title: Night Howlers
Type: Accessory
Author: Ann Dupuis
Published: 1992
Format: 64-page book, 32-page book, tri-fold cover, fold-out map
"Even a man who is pure of heart, and says his prayers by night..."

Night Howlers
is the fourth book in the CREATURE CRUCIBLE series, which explores new character types for the D&D game. Wheter the referee wants to add one or two were-creatures to the party line-up, base a whole series of adventures around the were-creatures' struggle for survival, or add some very special encounters for the players, this book will provide hours of unique playing experience.

Night Howlers includes:

Ten different types of lycanthropes, including werewolves, wererats, werefoxes, werebears, and others;

Two seperate booklets, one with player information and one with campaign details;

A fully detailed land of werewolves, the Valley of the Wolves, located in the Known World campaign setting.

New magical items specially tailored to the needs of lycanthropes.

Information about important non-player characters; a large, full-color map; and three exciting adventures.

Fully adapatable to the ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS 2nd Edition Game.

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