Item Code: #88580
Title: Fire & Ice
Published: 2002
Format: 32-page book, 2 cardstock template sheets
Great Power Lies Amid the Bones of Dragons

Ages ago, great legions of dragons battled in the skies above the Plain of Edora. Their skeletal remains cover the ground now known as Scalebane. Brave warbands have converged on the draconic graveyard, seeking powerful magic and formidable allies.

The material in this book includes:

  • New recruits, such as the Gallowsgaunt, Ice Paraelemental, and Half-Dragon Mage.
  • Two new terrain cards - the dragon claw and the dragon skull.
  • Rules for using the Set 3 models and statistics for all the one from Set 2.
If you're to survive the day in Scalebane, you must adapt your warband. This guidebook will give you the tools you need. Master their use, and you will emerge victorious.

To use this accessory, you also need the Official Rulebook from the Chainmail Starter Set

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