Item Code: #17863
Title: Attack of the Drow: Kilsek Set 4 Faction Box
Faction: Kilsek
Published: 2002
Out of legends and shadows come the drow, with slave soldiers driven before them and mighty spells to back them up. Exiled from a distant land, House Kilsek intends to make the Sundered Empire its own.

The Chainmail miniatures game is an anything goes battle royale featuring some of the most infamous creatures the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game has ever known.

Build your army with care - or feel the sting of classic DUNGEONS & DRAGONS spells and special abilities taken straight from the Player's Handbook.

These miniatures can also be used with the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS roleplaying game.

Time to throw down.

Contents: Drow Ranger, Kuo-Toa Trooper (x2), Drow Wizard, Displacer Beast, Troglodyte Warrior, Drow Soldier, 2 terrain cards

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