Item Code: #88339
Title: Starter Set
Faction: Naresh & Thalos
Published: 2001
Contents: 8 metal figures w/plastic bases, 8 stat cards, 80-page book, 32-page book, 2 4-page reference sheets, 2 sheets heavy cardstock counters (40 total), 4 cardstock terrain sheets, 20-sided die
This fiendish army is led by the demonic priest-king Jangir, chosen of the gnoll diety Yeenoghu. It is destined to bring blood and fire to the Sundered Empire.

Demonic Gnoll Adept
Abyssal Maw
Gnoll Trooper

These human crusaders will stop at nothing to reclaim their ancient homeland. Woe be to those who do not flee before their paladins and war machines.

Human Paladin
Gnome Infiltrator
Human Glaiver
Human Marine

Chainmail Starter Set
The God of War is dead, and six factions vie for control of his legacy. Will your battle-hardened warbands lay claim to his lost power or be swept from the field like chaff?

The Dungeons & Dragons Chainmail miniatures game is an everything-goes battle royale based on the d20 system and features some of the most infamous creatures the D&D universe has even known.

Build your army with care of feel the sting of classic D&D spells and new abilities taken straight from the Player's Handbook. This Starter Set contains everything that two people need to start playing, including rules for multiplayer play.

Time to throw down.

Official rulebook
Model description book
8 miniatures: 4 Thalos and 4 Naresh
2 starter sheets: 1 Thalos and 1 Naresh
Twenty-sided die
4 terrain cards
Model cards
Punch-out counters

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