Item Code: #GMG2001
Title: Aerial Adventure Guide: Sellaine, Jewel of the Clouds
Type: Accessory
Author: Michael Mearls
Published: 2002
Publisher: Goodman Games
Format: 32-page book
Sky ships, flying castles, cloud cities, and airborne monsters: all this and more awaits you in the Aerial Adventure Guides. These stand-alone sourcebooks contain new character options, races, monsters, feats, items, and adventure ideas, plus aerial combat rules and sky ship design guidelines. Best of all, the aerial adventure guides can be integrated into any fantasy campaign - after all, no matter what world sits at ground level, anything can float above.
The series is divided into three volumes. The first covers rules, the second cover settings, and the third covers monsters and items. Each of the three volumes can be used independently, or they can be combined and used together.

Volume Two, Sellaine, Jewel of the Clouds, describes a variety of drop-in settings for aerial adventures. The main attraction is the sky elves' floating city of Sellaine. Nestled in a cloud far above the surface world, Sellaine serves as the nerve center for a vast economy in the sky. Surrounding it are unusual aerial locations: floating mages' towers, undead clouds of necromantic energy, and other unique hazards. Features:
  • Intricately detailed setting of Sellaine, an ancient cloud city on the cusp of enormous change.
  • Drop-in location of Dreadfall, a powerful cloud of necromantic energy.
  • Drop-in location of Fulgash's Tower, a long-abandoned wizard's tower that floats through the skies at a 45o angle.
  • Drop-in location of the Wildlands, a sentient cloud realm that is in itself one massive artifact.
  • Stats for all important NPCs and maps for all important places.
Volume One, Rulers of the Sky, covers the basics of aerial adventures. Volume Three, Monsters, Magic, and Sky Ships, includes everything you need to populate the sky lanes of your campaign.

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