Item Code: #GMG2004
Title: Aerial Adventure Guide: Sky Captain's Handbook
Type: Accessory
Author: Michael Mearls
Published: 2004
Publisher: Goodman Games
Format: 144-page perfect-bound hardback book
Sky ships, flying castles, cloud cities, and airborne monsters! The Sky Captain's Handbook is a complete sourcebook with everything you need to run an aerial campaign. With its focus on inspiring ideas for unique aerial adventures, this book contains new character options, races, monsters, feats, items, sky ships, and aerial combat rules that can be integrated into any fantasy campaign. After all, no matter what world sits at ground level, anything can float above.

  • Fully developed background and rules for the three major races of the sky, complete with specialized feats for new races
  • Compelte sky ship rules, including stats for dozens of different designs and deck plans for the 8 most common models
  • A complete aerial realm ready for integration with any campaign
  • Simple yet complete aerial combat rules, which allow you to run a skyship battle without bogging down the game
  • Dozens of aerial monsters fully fleshed out with racial stats for humanoids, NPC stats for leaders, and advanced stats for higher CRs
  • Rules for heroic legacies that allow first level characters to take to the skies
  • Guidelines for running an aerial game, integrating it with an ongoing campaign, and using the air to inject an element of the fantastic into your game
The Aerial Adventure Guide is a stand-alone book. It is 100% world-neutral and ready to be integrated into any campaign.

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