Item Code: #GRR1703
Title: World of Aldea
Type: Accessory
Author: Jeremy Crawford, Daire Elliot, John Snead
Published: 2006
Publisher: Green Ronin Publishing
Format: 128-page perfect-bound book
Blue Rose, the Roleplaying Game of Romantic Fantasy, introduced the fantastic Kingdom of Aldis and allowed players to explore the world of Aldea for the first time. Now, that world is yours. In World of Aldea, Aldis and its neighboring nations are described in detail, giving you all new information and settings for your Blue Rose adventures. In its pages you will find the lands of:

  • Aldis, the legendary Kingdom of the Blue Rose, heart of the rebellion against the Sorcerer Kings, inheritor of the Old Kingdom. Experience its wonders from the capitol city and the central valleys to the far-flung wilds of the Pavin Weald, the Ice-Binder Mountains, and the Veran Marsh.
  • Jarzon, Theocracy of the Purist Church, a land surrounded by enemies on all sides, wounded by wars against the Sorcerer Kings, and beset by dangers from corrupt and savage lands.
  • Rezea, the wild plains where the Rezean clans ride and keep their herds roaming free. Travel across the sea of grass to to the ancestral wintering grounds. Explore mysterious stone circles and witness the rites of the witches of the horse clans.
  • Kern, the deadly land of the Lich King, last of the Sorcerer Kings. From the Ebon Tower and the foul city of Sarn to the crystal mines where slaves toil under the whips of their inhuman overseers, it is a land crying out for liberation. Will you be the heroes to aid its people?
  • Lar'tya, an island matriarchy and a trading partner of Aldis, in spite of the differences between their two cultures. Explore the exotic shoals of the sea-folk and the salons of the ruling caste of the island nation.
World of Aldea provides more details on the Roamers, wanderers cast adrift in the world when their land fell to corruption and the Shadow. Learn the truth of their terrible fate and find out why their homeland is now an accursed place where only the brave and the foolhardy go.

All this and plenty of room for adventure! World of Aldea includes the full-length adventure Martyr's Blood along with short adventure outlines and adventure seeds for each nation. A world of adventure and danger is yours to explore!

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