Item Code: #GRR1301
Title: The Assassin's Handbook
Type: Accessory
Author: David "Zeb" Cook and Wolfgang Baur
Published: 2002
Publisher: Green Ronin Publishing
Format: 64-page perfect-bound book

The assassin is a killer for hire, a fighter whose strength comes from the element of surprise and from the complete disregard he has for the rules of "honorable" combat. The Assassin's Handbook, second in Green Ronin's Master Class series, brings back the First Edition tradition of the assassin core class. Within these 64 pages you'll find:

  • A new assassin core class and three new prestige classes.
  • 16 new feats, includind Death from Above and Empower Poison.
  • New magic items and equipment.
  • 16 new spells, like ghost blade and steal identity.
  • An extensive selection of new poisons, with both real world and fantasy poisons to chose from.
  • Two complete assassin organizations, the icy and professional Vultur and the mysterious and fanatic Sirat.
  • Eight fully detailed NPCs from the Vultur and the Sirat.
  • Striking interior art from Anthony Waters, Marcio Fiorito, Michael Phillippi.
Written by Assassin Mountain author Wolfgang Baur and Planescape creator David "Zeb" Cook, The Assassin's Handbook adds a whole new dimension to d20 fantasy!

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