Item Code: #APL905
Title: Twilight of Atlantis
Type: Adventure/Accessory
Published: 2001
Publisher: Avalanche Press
Format: 48-page book
Before the Deluge

Legends speak of a time before history, of a great island empire whose people wielded powerful magic and technology, ruling much of the world. Their pride proved their undoing, and Atlantis sank beneath the sea in a single night.

TWILIGHT OF ATLANTIS is a sourcebook detailing this once-great people, drawn from the writings of Plato. New races such as the Bastai cat-warriors and the Atlanteans appear, new prestige classes (Artificer, Oephean, Resonant, Spellbane) and six new feats to use with them. A whole new approach to magic - that of the resonance, powered by the mystical metal orichalum - is provided, with 10 new spells. Join the adventure today, attempting to overthrow or rescue Atlantis' great empire.

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