Item Code: #GRR1104
Title: Bastards & Bloodlines: A Guidebook to Half-Breeds
Type: Accessory
Author: Owen K.C. Stephens
Published: 2003
Publisher: Green Ronin Publishing
Format: 112-page perfect-bound book

The Player's Handbook lets you play half-orcs and half-elves, but why stop there? Bastards & Bloodlines: A Guidebook to Half-Breeds gives you the tools to introduce countless crossbreeds and half-races into your campaign. In a world full of gods, magic, fiends and curses, anything is possible! Bastards & Bloodlines gives you:

  • 28 new crossbreed races (and 8 subraces), statted up PHB-style. From the noble alicorn (half-elf/half-unicorn) to the mysterious morlock (half-gnome/half-troglodyte), from the malicious wretch (half-hag/half-orc) to the bizarre lasher (half-dwarf/half-roper), Bastards & Bloodlines has something for every campaign.
  • 12 new templates, including half-beholder, half-titan, and half-vampire. Each template includes a fully statted example halfbreed. Advice is also given on creating your own halfbreed templates.
  • Over 30 feats (including the new Bloodline feats), 4 prestige classes (including the brood sorcerer and the changeling), and a selection of new magic items.
  • Advice on introducing more halfbreeds into your campaign, plus ideas for all crossbreed campaigns.
  • Blood spells, a new type of racial magic. Bastards & Bloodlines includes blood spells for those of dragon, dwarf, elf, gnome, halfling, and orc blood.
  • Evocative art from James Ryman, Toren "Macbin" Atkinson and Julian Allen.
Designed by noted Star Wars RPG and EverQuest RPG author Owen K.C. Stephens, Bastards & Bloodlines is a rules toolkit that opens new realms of possibility for your d20 campaign.

Bastards & Bloodlines requires the Dungeons and Dragons Player's Handbook, Third Edition, published by Wizards of the Coast for use. Dungeons and Dragons and Wizards of the Coast are Registered Trademarks of Wizards of the Coast, and are used with Permission.

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