Item Code: #WW16108
Title: Beyond Countless Doorways
Type: Accessory
Author: Monte Cook, Wolfgang Baur, Colin McComb and Ray Vallese
Published: 2004
Publisher: Malhavoc Press
Format: 224-page perfect-bound book

eyond the scope of the mundane world lie the infinite planes: heavens, hells, alternate worlds, alien realms - all harboring treasures beyond imagining. Four veteran game designers from the classic Planescape setting have reunited to write this collection of 18 modular, all-new planes.

Each plane is fully described and ready for exploration. Together they form a complete cosmological framework for any campaign. The book also contains dozens of new monsters, NPCs, feats, and magic items unique to these planes, plus guidelines for creating parallel worlds for your own campaign. All rules are compatible with v.3.5 of the d20 System.

Monte Cook, Wolfgang Baur, Colin McComb, and Ray Vallese: The masters of the multiverse are back to celebrate a decade of planar adventuring. Cover art by Planescape artist rk post and a foreword by Planescape creator David "Zeb" Cook round out this unique book. Discover within it new planes of wonder beyond each doorway.

Monte Cook, codesigner of 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons, started Malhavoc Press as his own d20 System imprint to publish unusual magic, monsters, and evocative game elements that go beyond traditional fantasy.
Malhavoc Press products exhibit a mastery of the d20 System rules that only one of the game's original designers can offer you.

Free bonus material at WWW.MONTECOOK.COM

Requires the use of the Dungeons & Dragons Third Edition Core Books, published by Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

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