Item Code: #MKY1118
Title: Black Ice Well
Type: Adventure
For: 6-8 characters, levels 13-14
Author: Steven Montano
Published: 2002
Publisher: MonkeyGod Enterprises
Format: 104-page perfect-bound book
Terror Reborn!

Buries deep beneath the earth, beyond the haunted and malign forest known as Wormwood, lies Black Ice Well. Once a temple devoted to the Sajaith demon clan, the Well is now a cold and haunted tomb, rumored to be replete with mutant brood and undead horrors. But the greatest terror of the Well is not what guards it, but what they are protecting - the cremated remains of Shae Mora, the dreaded and legendary vampire dragon who once terrorized an entire Empire.

Now, the secret of what transformed the Well to its current state is about to be revealed. Sammael Mezias Craven, a dark wizard of vast power and endless ambition, has uncovered an artifact that will allow him to take control of Shae Mora's liquid remains, the Blood Ice, which legend states still holds potent remains of her vast power.

If he is not stopped, Craven's actions will bring terror and destruction to the surrounding lands, and perhaps the world at large. Only a band of the most stalwart and capable heroes stand a chance of preventing this from happening, and to do so they will be forced to travel to the edge of madness.

And beyond...

Black Ice Well is an epic d20 System dungeon crawl designed for 6-8 characters of 13th-14th level.

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