Item Code: #GRR1024
Title: Black Sails Over Freeport
Type: Adventure
For: 4 6th level characters
Author: Brian E. Kirby, Robert Lawson, William Simoni, and Robert J. Toth
Published: 2004
Publisher: Green Ronin Publishing
Format: 256-page perfect-bound book

Freeport's in crisis, as war breaks out on the high seas and orcs riot in the streets. An ancient map promises the biggest haul of booty in history, but nothing is as it seems. Buried with that treasure is a terrifying evil Freeport thought banished forever. Black Sails Over Freeport, the first mega-adventure for the award-winning pirate city, is filled with enough swashbuckling challenges to test the mettle of any band of heroes. Its 256 pages are packed with action, intrigue, and danger, delivered with the style and professionalism you've come to expect from Green Ronin. Black Sails are on the horizon. Do you have what it takes to face them?

You only need the Core Rulebooks to run Black Sails Over Freeport. While other Freeport books are helpful, they are not required.


Freeport is an exciting fantasy city you can drop into any campaign setting, be it published or home brewed. The premiere city of the d20 System, Freeport debuted in August, 2000 in the ENnie and Origins Award-winning adventure Death in Freeport. Over a half dozen sourcebook and adventures have followed, including Freeport: City of Adventure. For more Freeport information and resources, go to

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