Item Code: #MYG0201
Title: Arcane Mysteries: Blight Magic
Type: Accessory
Author: Doug Herring, Jeffrey Carter, John D. Faugno & Kenny Lewis
Published: 2002
Publisher: Mystic Eye Games
Format: 56-page perfect-bound book
Blight Magic is a d20 sourcebook that details the rituals, spells, abilities, and terrible corrupting influences of that can be gained by tapping into, and draining the very life from the land.

What will you find in this 56 page arcane tome?
  • A simple and terrible arcane art
  • Six new prestige classes
  • New feats and spells
  • Creating blighted familiars
  • New monsters and templates
Let your players dive into this quick road to arcane might and see if they have the strength to resist the terrible temptation and awesome power of Blight Magic.

Requires the use of Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook, Third Edition, Published by Wizards of the Coast.

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