Item Code: #TLG1902
Title: Blood Royal
Type: Adventure
For: 5-8 characters, levels 5-8
Author: Casey Christofferson
Published: 2003
Publisher: Troll Lord Games
Format: 48-page book
A Cut Unforgiving

The legendary lance, the Bleeding Spear, has opened a wound in goodly King Pelan. It is a wound that none have managed to heal. "Only the spear! Only the spear! Can mend death's fear!" Borne in the hands of the Black Knight the Bleeding Spear offers little hope.

Murder and Rebellion! War and Dark Sorcery!

Dark Faerie, treacherous vassals, warring sisters have gathered together beneath the eyes of the Dreaming Wood. Here they conspire in a wanton lust for power and war on King Pelan. Into this tableau of intrigue are thrust the heroes who must make their way through knotted mazes of wood and thistle to find a way to save or destroy a king.

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