Item Code: #PCI1004
Title: The Bloody Sands of Sicaris
Type: Adventure
For: 4-6 characters, levels 6-8
Author: Scott Charlton
Published: 2001
Publisher: Paradigm Concepts, Inc.
Format: 32-page book is a matter which will bring trouble to the people of Sicaris. It may even bring war to the whole of the Hinterlands. The order has been given to judge the accused in the ancient Hinterland tradition of trial by combat.

Shadow Prince of Sicaris

The petty and traitorous schemes of a distant Hinterland commander strike at the very heart of the Coryani. Rumors of collaboration with the dismal, gloomy powers of Canceri send the Imperial council into a panic, and the brink of war looms again over an uncertain future for the peoples of the Imperium. Thrust into the intrigues of mighty nations and the sinister plans of the far flung cities of foreign lands, the players go in secret with an Imperial legate on a task of direst importance to the ancient outpost of Sicaris. The mission is twofold: To bring back a wayward noble daughter of the Imperial family of val'Assante', and to find the source of the turmoil that seeks to tip the teetering balance of power. These objectives will lead the heroes into a shadow war of sinister alliances, secretive cabals, assassins, spies, and unfolding machinations, a twisting path that may lead to both theirs and the Empire's salvation, or its' downfall.

This adventure features:
An original adventure that is 100% compatible with the 3rd Edition Player's Handbook
An original fantasy City and setting that will provide many hours of adventure beyond the scenario.
New Items including weapons, armor and exotic devices.
A complete scenario that can be customized to fit the individual Gamemaster's preferences and run over the course of several evenings
A rich, original campaign setting that can be adapated to fit into an existing campaign or be the starting point to the new Arcanis World setting
New Non-Player Characters that can be used in any game setting

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