Item Code: #FAF2034
Title: Book of All Spells
Type: Accessory
Published: 2003
Publisher: Fast Forward Entertainment
Format: 448-page three-hole punched perfect-bound book
Can't Find That One Spell You're Looking For?
Face it, spells are an integral part of the game and dedicated spellcasters - clerics, sorcerers and wizards - are probably the most popular classes out there. They are also the most feared, especially at high levels. Spells are what make these characters so powerful, but there are so many difference sources out there with so many different spells in them that it's almost impossible to keep track of them all. No more!

Spells, Spells and More Spells!
The Book of All Spells doesn't give you any frills or thrills. No fluff or classes or special case rules to confuse you and your friends with. We've stripped away all the excess information and given you what you want: more than 1,700 different spells for all your favorite spellcasting characters. Spells for all classes and all levels. Spells for all occasions and purposes. Spells that will give you the edge over the competition...

The Perfect Reference!
The Book of All Spells pulls together the best and most useful spells from more than two dozen different sources into one single, handy referece. No longer do you have to spend hours looking through an entire bookshelf just to find that one spell that caught your eye. All are organized alphabetically for easy reference, while complete spells lists - including descriptions - let you pick out just which spell you're looking for. It's all here - the largest single reference for d20 spells. Every player and game master should have one!

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The Book of All Spells is a d20 System sourcebook that compiles together spells from more than two dozen sources into one massive tome. Alphabeticallly arranged, and with complete spell lists by class and level, this is the book that you need on your shelf and next to your gaming table. Unless you like feverishly flipping through a pile of books trying to find that one spell...

  • More than 1,700 spells!
  • Includes all of the spells from the core rules!
  • Includes spells from 31 popular d20 sources!
  • Alphabetized and indexed for easy reference!
A Wealth Of Talent!

To create this book, we explored uncounted d20 universes, selecting the most exciting and useful spells created by the industry's top publishers. Inside this tome you'll find material from AEG, Bastion Press, Fast Forward Entertainment, Mongoose Publishing, Paradigm Concepts, Sword and Sorcery Studios, and Wizards of the Coast! Clearly, this must-have book is a best of the best!

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