Item Code: #TLG8201 (U1)
Title: Castles & Crusades: Shadows of the Halfling Hall
Type: Adventure
For: 4 - 8 characters, lst - 3rd level
Author: Mike Stewart
Published: 2005
Publisher: Troll Lord Games
Format: 24-page perfect-bound book
Alea Iacta Est

The Die is Cast!

A dreadful fear and teror-born nightmares linger in the shados of the Halfling's Halls.

Brambletoe Hall had ever been deep, warm and filled with mirth. Here, the good Mayor Willic Brambletoe has long presided over a board of warm mutton, fresh apples, berries, peaches and the like, as well as wondrous breads, warm butter and cool drink. Mayor Willic welcomes all, inviting many various and sundry folk to sit and eat with him, or to gather about his great hall and make merry, pass the time and exchange news of distant happenings in exotic lands.

But something has changed in that noble Halfling's Halls and a Shadow of Evil has taken up abode there. Not many days past, in those deep hours before the dawn, the sounds of merriment changed to cries of despair. A haunting came to the Goodman's home and left an air filled with the noise of terror and a foul odor of unrepentant evil.

Abandoned now, a shadow has hung over the hall ever since. Foul play or murder, none know. But the Shadow of Fear has spread, weirdlings haunt the late hours of the night, stalking the environs of Newbriar. And the locals now say Newbriar has come at last to know the shallow welcome of the other world.

In fear, the folk of Newbriar have called for aid, sending riders forth to find courageous heroes willing to rid the town and its suffragans of the terror of the
Shadows of the Halfling Hall.

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