Item Code: #TLG8203 (U2)
Title: Castles & Crusades: Fingers of the Forsaken Hand
Type: Adventure
For: 9th - 12th level characters
Author: Casey Canfield
Published: 2005
Publisher: Troll Lord Games
Format: 24-page book
Upon the wind swept slopes of the Sickle lies the entrance to an ancient dungeon. Here, in days past, a sect of wizards built their abode. They bound their great dungeon by magical gates and within they gathered a great store of wealth and knowledge. In those stone halls, safe from the world around them, they sought to unravel the Secrets of Eternity.

But they were notsage from the world of the dark beyond. Legends tell of a day when the mountain shook and the skies turned crimson and black.

Whispers of magic, foul and terrible conjure images of a sorcery gone foul and eldritch powers unleashed. But the truth of what befell the covenant upon the Sickle is a mystery.

Today the Sickle stands quiet, dark and lonely. Its stark peak a reminder to the bold and a lure to the foolish who would dare seek their fortunes in its forsaken halls.

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