Item Code: #APL918
Title: Celtic Age: Roleplaying the Myths, Heroes and Monsters of the Celts
Type: Accessory
Author: Dr. Mike Bennighof, Ph.D., John R. Phythyon, Jr., Ree Soesbee
Published: 2002
Publisher: Avalanche Press LTD
Format: 192-page perfect-bound book
At the time of Christ, a legendary culture was on the rise in northern Europe. Two millennia later they would be remembered for their reverence of nature, their treatment of women, and their courage in battle. Had they been allowed to expand and grow, they might have had their own Golden Age and Western culture might be very different today. Instead, they met the Romans, who eventually conquered them all. This magnificent people was the Celts, and this is their story.

This volume explores their culture. Find out who they were, what they held holy, the monsters they fought - both real and mythical - why they battled each other, and what gave them joy. In addition to providing tons of detailed material on the Celts, this book allows you to bring them into your d20 campaign. A host of new Character Classes, Feats, Skills, and other new rules, makes this the definitive book on fantasy role-playing in the Celtic Age.

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