Item Code: #MKY1500
Title: Cataclysm on Cloudholme
Type: Adventure/Sourcebook
For: 4-5 characters, levels 5-7
Author: Andrew Lucas
Published: 2003
Publisher: MonkeyGod Enterprises
Format: 120-page perfect-bound book
Journey to a land lost to time and legend.

The mythical land of Astenthal where once the four races lived in a golden age of peace and mystical knowledge long passed. Where the very ideals of tolerance, equality and justice were a shining beacon of harmony. Yet the brightest light casts the deepest shadows and Astenthal fell, ruined to mist shrouded memory, a dream of a better world swallowed in a cataclysm of hatred, war and avarice. Legend speaks of the return of lost Astenthal's king, a good and righteous man who would reunite the virtues and peoples of the land bringing the dawn of a new age.

Dare you journey into the lost past where the darkest shadows grow and take a hand in shaping the destiny of a people who have abandoned the future long with the outside world? Will you confront the growing darkness that threatens to engulf Astenthal a second time? In a land of tainted with ancient loss and pain, can you reunite the people before darkness engulfs them.

In a world of shadows can you rekindle hope?

First in the Legendary Lands series, Cloudholme is designed to be inserted into an existing campaign world or form the basis of a new campaign. DMs will be able to use the rich and diverse cultures inside this book to enrich their campaigns, while the geographical locations provided are easily inserted into any existing world.

Also included is a large adventure that will carry your players into the realms of legends and lost cities, testing their resolve and resilience.

Cataclysm on Cloudholme is a d20 System sourcebook and adventure designed for 4-5 characters of 5-7th level.

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