Item Code: #FAF2021
Title: Cloud Warriors
Type: Accessory
Published: 2003
Publisher: Fast Forward Entertainment
Format: 128-page perfect-bound hardback book
The Sky's The Limit!

Take to the Skies!

To a ground-bound warrior, there is nothing more deadly than an opponent who can take to the air, be it on a magic carpet or on the back of a wyvern. But now it's your turn! Take to the skies and bring the fight to them! Tame a Pegasus, or just grab your favorite lance, jump on the back of a dragon and level the playing field for once!

Rise High Above the Clouds...

Who lives above the clouds, looking down upon the lands as gods from above? Some sought a reprieve from the wars far below while others are looking only for a new realm to conquer. But those who were born and bred in the air will not give up their airborne kingdoms... At least without a fight!

Your Adventures Just Took on a Whole New Dimension!

There's more in the skies than just the dragons and the odd flying wizard. Entire societies, each with their own dark secrets, live on without ever setting foot on the ground miles below. Some are good, clinging to the light, while others plot the vile destruction of all who would oppose their rule. Do you have the courage to face them in their own element?

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Cloud Warriors is a d20 System sourcebook that brings together for the first time clear and concise rules for adventuring, campaigning and, most importantly, fighting in the skies. Also presented within these pages are dozens of ways to get into the air, including new spells, magical items and even a few non-magical devices, as well as several races of beings who call the open skies home - and the creatures they ride as mounts!

About the Authors:
Under the guidance of d20 System creator Skip Williams, Fast Forward has assembled a team of incredibly talented designers including Tim Beach, Jarad Fennell, Kurt Hausheer, Fred Jandt, Tim Kidwell, Tony Lee, M.K. McArtor, Gary McBride, Christoffer Trossen, and James M. Ward, to create this unique guide to all things airborne.

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