Item Code: #MGP7719
Title: Conan and the Tower of the Elephant
Type: Adventure
For: 4 - 6 characters, levels 4 - 6
Author: Greg Lynch
Published: 2005
Publisher: Mongoose Publishing
Format: 32-page book
In the Zamorian city of Arenjun, amidst the gleaming, golden shrines of the city's temple district, stands a single tower. Surrounded by a walled, tiered garden, the tower thrusts high into the Zamorian sky, its perfect surface, unmarred by doors or windows, encrusted with gems, shining like a beacon to the heavens. The Elephant Tower stands aloof, impenetrable and alien, a glittering edifice utterly out of place in the sprawling squalor of Arenjun. It is the abode of High Priest Yara and the resting place of the Elephant's Heart, thought to be the most valuable jewel in the world, and the secret of Yara's power.

Throughout all of Zamora, rumours of the tower are as common as the flies in Arenjun's Maul. In every rotting slum or haven of lawless revelry that shelters the country's infamous thieves, murderers and mercenaries, lunatics, prostitutes and fugitives there is a tale to accompany the mysterious gleaming tower. It is said the the tower was built in the space of a single night, that it is formed of purest silver and that the towering spire, blindingly bright by day but glimmering like water beneath the moonlight, is the resting place of dark gods. Even the bravest men whisper the tower's name, wary of Yara's power and influence, and accounts of the tower's bestial and unnatural guardians, said to ceaselessly patrol the surrounding gardens. What lurks in the tower's many levels no one can say; the rumours of its contents and denizens seem more akin to nightmares given voice than anything that could walk abroad in Hyborian. No matter the verity of these rumours, one thing is known to be absolute truth - somewhere amidst the tower's labyrinthine corridors and floors the Elephant's Heart awaits. Despite this, the tower and its master are talismans of terror, even to the fearless rogues of Zamora and despite the fabulous wealth its glittering walls surely contain, no thief has yet had the courage to assay Yara's cursed tower - at least, none have returned alive.

Conan and the Tower of the Elephant is the first in a new series of Classic Conan adventure secenarios based directly on original stories of Robert E. Howard, allowing the Player Characters to undertake the very adventures that the mighty Cimmerian once endured.

Conan and the Tower of the Elephant is designed for four to six Player Characters of between 4th and 6th character level and combines situations and encounters that will require a mix of skills to survive and overcome. This adventure gives Player Characters the oppurtunity to test their mettle against the greatest of challenges and walk the path of Hyboria's most famous adventurer.

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