Item Code: #MGP7718
Title: Conan and the Lurking Terror of Nahab
Type: Adventure
For: 4 - 6 characters, levels 4 - 6
Author: Bryan Steele
Published: 2005
Publisher: Mongoose Publishing
Format: 32-page book
The Corinthian city of Nahab has suffered greatly under the continued feuding of its noble families in the last decade. Waging small estate wars between themselves to establish control over trade routes and resource-laden foothills of the Karpash Mountains, the peasant-titled 'Nobles War' has left many homes, fields and villages in ruin, and the city's ruling classes on the dangerous path to self-destruction. Nahab has swelled into the home of pampered nobles, growing fat off the trade and mining that takes place along the Karpash Mountain Way. Despite this, the city never grew in the way like Shadizar and Tarantia, remaining relatively small and manageable by the families that now controlled it.

But Nahab has just suffered a major loss and someone plans to use the sorrow and grief to punish the nobles for the years of unnecessary torment. The unexpected and gruesome death of Father Tericos Heretio has plunged the entire city's peasant population into a state of grieving and distrust, with even some of the noble houses lowering their penants in his honour. This show of respect is not enough for some, who wish to punish the noble families for all for their combined crimes...

A dark and sinister terror has been unleashed upon the folks of Nahab, striking innocent and guilty alike. It hunts, stalks and kills, creating a bloodbath in which fear and loathing will grip the hearts of Nahab's citizens. The city cries out for salvation.

Conan and the Lurking Terror of Nahab is a scenario designed for four to six Player Characters of between 4th and 6th character level. Moral decisions and hard choices block the path in this adventure as often as bands of brigands or secret doors, as Player Characters become embroiled in the legend of the Terror of Nahab.

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