Item Code: #BPR10001
Title: Common Ground I: Churches, Inns and Merchants
Type: Accessory
Author: Jeff Colledge
Published: 2002
Publisher: Bard's Productions
Format: 32-page book
While planning ahead for each gaming session is critical, often times players do something unexpected. This can leave DMs struggling for quality material on a moment's notice. It is for this reason the Common Ground series was created.

Why would you need to use this book? Your players have taken an unexpected detour and you need a quick encounter for them (create a small inn). The party decides to seek clerical services froma second or third temple found within the town because they suspect the main church to have a spy (create a medium good church). After defeating a small band of orcs, the PCs are looking for a way to replenish their supplies without going all the way back to town (create a tiny merchant tent).

This unique generation system will allow a DM to have a fully detailed map of the church, inn, or merchant; stock it with fully equipped NPCs of any race or alignment; have domain and spell information for all NPCs, and merchandise for stores - all in under five miinutes in a handy reference sheet.

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