Item Code: #GMG9992
Title: DM's Dream Pack: The Complete Complete Guide
Type: Accessory
Published: 2004
Publisher: Goodman Games
What does every DM need? Monsters! What's the best way to build a strong campaign? Intriguing monsters! And what series offers the most intriguing monsters of all, with new takes on old classics designed to produce long-term, memorable villains? The Complete Guide. Available only from Goodman Games, this "DM's Dream Pack" collects all of the Complete Guides that are still in print into one special collector's edition available at a 25% discount.

Contents: Complete Guide to Beholders, Drow, Dopplegangers, Wererats, Treants, and T-Rex.

Complete Guide to Dopplegangers
You'll never look at dopplegangers the same again. It's not just about one doppleganger impersonating the king - it's about the vast numbers impersonating entire cities, intent on long-term conquest...

Complete Guide to Wererats
The perfect monster for city adventuring, the wererat gives a whole new meaning to political intrigue. Masters of disguise, stealth, and disease, they must be feared!

Complete Guide to Treants
What happens to a treant when his forest is desecrated? He gets angry... very angry...

Complete Guide to Beholders
A whole new perspective on everyone's favorite monster. Global alliances, buried threats, and the mysterious eyekin servants...

Also inside: Complete Guide to Drow and Complete Guide to T-Rex.

FREE! Also included at no additional charge: EN World Player's Journal #2! The only d20 magazine with no fluff, no reviews, no reprints - only 100% usable game material!

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