Item Code: #GRR1108
Title: Corwyl: Village of the Wood Elves
Type: Accessory
Author: Christina Stiles and Patrick Sweeney
Published: 2004
Publisher: Green Ronin Publishing
Format: 96-page perfect-bound book

This companion book to Green Ronin's Bow & Blade fully details a wood elf village designed to fit easily in any fantasy campaign setting. The remote tree-top village makes an excellent home base for a wilderness-oriented campaign, or an exotic place for existing characters to visit. The current political and religious crisis offers a starting point for play, while the many adventure seeds and plot hooks ensure that Corwyl will remain interesting for the life of the campaign. Corwyl: Village of the Wood Elves also includes:

  • A complete history of the village, including details on the Dark War with the drow fortress of Dezzavold.
  • Over 40 fully detailed NPCs.
  • Two new core classes (Ancestral Speaker and Terellian Knight) and two prestige classes (Animal Master and Tree Maiden) tied to the village's background.
  • A plethora of new feats and spells, complemented by choice additions from a variety of open sources.
  • Rules fully in line with the 3.5 revision.
  • A handy "Who's Who?" appendix to make the GM's job easier.
  • Beautiful art from Andrew Baker, Jennifer Meyer, Jonathan Kirtz, Stephanie Pui-Man Law and Liz Danforth.
Corwyl: Village of the Wood Elves is both evocative and useful, with something to offer any d20 fantasy campaign. Enter the forest, and see what mysteries it holds!

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