Item Code: #WW16041
Title: Counter Collection II: More Characters, Creatures and Monsters
Type: Accessory
Published: 2002
Publisher: Fiery Dragon Productions / Sword & Sorcery Studio
Format: 8-page book, 8 cardstock counter sheets (416 total)
Featuring 75 distinct personality counters to represent your character

Including 37 different human counters
Including 14 different elf counters
Including 8 different dwarf counters
Including 4 different Gnome counters
Including 4 different half-elf counters
Including 4 different halfling counters
Including 4 different half-orc counters
And more inside...

More than 75 different fantasy monster counters, including:

Including 13 different animals and familiars
Including 9 dragons in different sizes
Including 12 different magical beasts
Including 7 golems and elementals
Including 6 different giant counters
Including 8 different demons and devils
Including 8 different monstrous humanoids
And many more inside...

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