Item Code: #GRR1008
Title: Character Record Folio
Type: Accessory
Published: 1st print - 2001
Publisher: Green Ronin Publishing
Format: 16-page book

The character sheet is the cornerstone of your PC. As campaigns go on, your sheet can get overloaded with abilities, magic items, spells, and notes. It's way more than one measly sheet can hold, but that's all the game gives you to work with.

Not any more.

The d20 System Character Record Folio is a specially designed cure for the record sheet blues. It's built to track your character for a whole campaign and then some.
Inside its 15 beautifully designed pages you'll find:
  • Mini character sheets for the paladin's warhorse, wizard's familiar, and druid's animal companion.
  • A special page for cohorts and followers.
  • A character advancement tracker that makes dealing with level loss a breeze.
  • A wizard's grimoire and a page for psionic powers.
  • A contact record for important NPCs.
  • An adventure log where you can record the history of your campaign.
  • Handy reference tables.
  • Plus all the essentials you'd expect from a great character record sheet.
Doesn't your character deserve the very best?

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