Item Code: #WW8350 (W1)
Title: The Crucible of Freya
Type: Adventure
Author: Clark Peterson and Bill Webb
Published: 2000
Publisher: Necromancer Games / White Wolf Publishing
Format: 48-page book
Shadows and Light

The trees part before you, revealing the crumbling walls of the ruined keep. Only hours ago, you set off after the marauding orc band responsible for the destruction of the temple of Freya and the theft of its sacred crucible. But something else waits for you within the ruined walls. Something darker and far more sinister. Something that has hidden from the light for ages.

A Hero's Quest

The first in a new series of D20 adventures by Necromancer Games, The Crucible of Freya is a challenging introductory adventure for any fantasy campaign. Detailing the village of Fairhill, the surrounding wilderness and a nearly ruined keep, as well as the dungeon levels beneath, this adventure module provides all the material a DM needs to start his or her new Third Edition campaign. Will your characters learn what dark forces are behind the orc raids?

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