Item Code: #TR10001
Title: Campaign Suite: RPG Management Software
Type: Accessory
Author: Chris Johanson
Published: 2003
Publisher: Twin Rose Software
Format: CD-ROM in DVD case
Constructing a Better Game

ampaign Suite is a suite of highly flexible tools, developed for the world's most populat RPG system, that allow you to easily customize your campaign data making game prep more fun and much less time consuming.

CREATE YOUR OWN WORLD - Use standard data, data expansions or create your own through easy to use editor interfaces, wizards and generators.

EXPORT DATA TO SHARE - Export data to share with other users, export data as an RTF file for use at the game table, or export stat blocks useable in at-the-table programs such as DM Genie and DM's Familiar.

LINK ENCOUNTERS TO MAPS - Link encounters to areas on a map or image (BMP, JPG or PNG). An ever-expanding toolset allows hotlinks from Campaign Cartographer 2 maps directly into Campaign Suite.

READY TO PLAY AT ANY TIME - Once your data has been loaded, created or specified, random generators create short adventures in just minutes complete with full encounter tables, weather, treasure, traps, etc. for a quick side trip or an impromptu game with friends.

UPDATE FOR FREE - CS is constantly updated to keep up with changes in the industry and with feature requests from users. All updates are free!

DATA INCLUDES... The expansions illustrated at the left; 6 basic races plus 2 creature race samples; all basic classes, NPC classes and prestige classes; standard spells, professions, skills, feats, items and domains; 650 creatures, and more!

Character Generator
Instant Character Wizard
Class/Race/Feat/Skill Editors
Dungeon Encounter Generators
Character List Generation
Full Customization
Template Application
Note Handling
Multiclass Handling
Weather Generator
and More!


MINIMUM: Pentium III, Windows 95, 64 MB RAM, 16 bit color, 20 MB hard drive space

RECOMMENDED: 800 MHz or faster Pentium III or AMD Anthlon processor, 128 MB RAM, 32 bit color

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